Booking a Planning Drawings Site Survey – General Terms


1.  We would advise with us that you check the availability of your required survey appointment before booking but this is not essential. Please call, text and email the Permitted Developments Team.

2.   We do not ask for upfront payment to visit your property to carry out the survey.

The consultation with the Company Director is free of charge to talk over your dream project, but we do ask that you only book a site survey if you are happy with the quote and want us to compile drawings for you.

There is no obligation to use our services after the initial consultation.

3.   You can book your site survey without confirmation of your preferred appointment date and time being available. We will contact you to arrange an appointment once we receive your site survey booking via email, text or phone call.

4.   Prior to the site survey we will ask you to sign an instruction to proceed form. This will allow us to start compiling your drawings for your project, we do not require any payment on the day of the survey.

5.   A standard initial fee of £295.00 shall become payable in full once we have created and delivered your Existing Floor Plans and Elevations drawings.

6.   Upon receipt of the initial fee we shall commence with the development of the scheme and produce the proposed drawings. We will make unlimited reasonable changes to your scheme during the development stage to ensure that we create the most suitable solution for your needs and dreams.

7.   Once it is agreed that the development of your scheme is complete and your project meets your requirements, your drawings shall be finalised and made ready for your Planning Application / Permitted Development confirmation then upgrade to a Building Regulation Package. The balance of the fees shall be payable in full prior to the release of the finalised drawings in electronic format and submission to the local planning authority.

Your project is then complete, Permitted Developments will provide a builders quote free of charge from a specially selected panel of Master Builders within the project package.

Once the Permitted Development rights are confirmed or application granted, building control which Permitted Developments has pre-arranged within the fee will view your project prior to works commencing check off and then your dreams are constructed.


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