House Extension Ideas

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Looking for house extension ideas & inspiration?

The main question to ask yourself is, why? What problems would a house extension solve for you? What will it look like? Do you already have ideas and designs? Will it fulfil a purpose such as an extra bedroom? more storage space? Maybe your house extension will bring a purely aesthetically pleasing enhancement to your property..

A quality home extension can add extra value to your house whatever your reasons, but this requires skilful planning and design work to ensure your property maximises the potential an extension can bring. If done correctly an extension can make your home more desirable in the market place when the time comes to sell.

Ever heard of permitted development?

Permitted Development is a term which refers to the laws which outline planning permission. A permitted development doesn’t require planning permission, if your house extension idea falls into this bracket you can save yourself a lot of headache obtaining and abiding to planning laws.

What we do for permitted developments

We deal with permitted development designs to ensure all requirements are met with ease and even when you are not within permitted development rights, we can ensure planning applications are successful. We can help with your plan to help you narrow down your search for the perfect house extension.

So take a look at just a couple of the home extension examples from our carefully crafted designs to aid and inpsire.

home single storey extension idea


If you need extra storage space usually the most cost effective solution is to convert your loft. There are plenty of solutions available which can be as simple as knocking through cavity walls, using a savvy space saving wardrobe etc. But when you have covered all bases the next step would will be to move, extend or convert.

Your loft can be converted for storage purposes and there are companies who specialise in maximising your loft space solely for the this purpose. Here at Permitted Developments we use our specialist design skills to ensure every inch of your loft conversion is accounted for and maximised to it’s utmost potential.

conversion planning ideas


If you need a little more downstairs space or just fancy a nice open plan living/dining room the single story home extension will appease your ideas for a spacious and more modern living area.

DOUBLE storey extension idea


A house extension will add value to your home, although will cost considerably more than your everyday loft conversion initially. If you need more living space and an extra bedroom/office, why not get the most from your house extension and make it double storey. A double story extension can be designed in such a way as to keep the transition between old and new as seamless as possible.

House extension ideas from previous work

Single Storey Extension example

Single Storey extension idea
Single storey extensions are very popular, they also fall under permitted development laws providing you adhere to the guidelines. A cost effective solution for extra living space.

Another great extension idea designed by us

Single Storey Extension

A garage extension may be just what you needed

Garage Extension idea
Garage extensions are becoming more popular. We think it may be due to the growth of new builds with small garages – often to small to practically store your car. Owners now see the benefits of converting them to a normal room to make more living space.

Use your loft as an extension to your property space inc dormer window

Loft Conversion house extension idea
Do you have a loft? Yes i’m sure you do, take advantage of super cheap loft storage conversion companies to create extra space or contact us to create a detailed design of your loft and what you could achieve.

Watch your ideas come to life with our 3D architectural design services

Carefully crafted designs of your home, before and after

house extension ideas and designs

We will create visual designs of your ideas to make them come to LIFE

double storey extension


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